BlockO ONE

From 7950 EUR EXW Factory VAT 0% in Europe

Ask for leasing rent for up to 60 months.
Easy delivery to European countries.
Freight and installation cost in total 1000 EUR VAT 0%.
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BlockO ONE is the most-eyecatching phonebooth in the world.

**Available from 1.9.2024**

It's not a box

Sound Reduction

BlockO ONE is Quiet Mark certified, an international award program that recognizes excellence in low-noise products, technology and solutions for unwanted noise.


Nature is crucial to well-being and can greatly enhance our productivity and achievements.
We wanted to respect these values by creating a product that is eye-catching while at the same time practical and sustainable.

Automatic Disinfection Lighting

Spectral Blue is the world’s most advanced system for indoor surface disinfection. It helps prevent infections and reduce sick leave in workplaces by automatically eliminating pathogens from frequently touched surfaces.

The unique technology is based on safe, natural blue light, and has none of the risks associated with legacy disinfection methods such as ultraviolet light and chemicals.

Technical Details

  • Spectral Blue – disinfection lighting
  • FENIX anti-fingerprint table surface
  • Power socket (with USB-C charging port included)
  • Automatic air-ventilation
  • Full color range
  • Height 2140 – 2170
  • Width 1140
  • Depth 1100
  • Frame: FENIX laminate or waxed wood
  • Tables: FENIX laminate
  • Exterior shell: ECOfelt or waxed wood
  • Interior: ECOfelt
  • Seating fabric: Gabriel Focus Melange
  • Carpet: Anker Aera

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Casino Taproom

“Thanks to its design, BlockO also worked great as a restaurant lodge, but it turned out to be even more in use: customers introduced it at lunch meetings, as a remote work station, or to meet friends by the pint.  ”

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