What is Spectral Blue?
Spectral Blue is the world’s most advanced system for indoor surface disinfection. It helps prevent infections and reduce sick leave in workplaces by automatically and continuously eliminating pathogens from frequently touched surfaces, making your premises safe for staff and customers.

The unique technology is based on safe, natural blue light, and has none of the risks associated with legacy disinfection methods such as ultraviolet light and chemicals.

What is blue light?
In the patent-pending Spectral Blue system, blue light means natural, visible light that contains only selected antimicrobial wavelengths. The used wavelengths range from 405 nm to 470 nm.

Unlike ultraviolet light, visible blue light is harmless to people and materials. That is why Spectral Blue is 100% safe to use indoors, even when people are present.

Is blue light dangerous?
No. Spectral Blue disinfection devices operate on visible light spectrum. The blue light we use does not contain dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

Unlike ultraviolet light (UVC, UVA, UVB), the natural blue light is safe for human and animal cells, and it does not cause eye damage. Blue light is not ionizing and does not generate ozone or degrade indoor materials.

– Keep in mind that the devices are bright so you must not look at them directly from a close range. The same holds true for all bright LED and other kinds of light sources.

Is Spectral Blue effective on SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus?
Yes. The complete system with Spectral Blue disinfection devices and photocatalytic coating is proven effective on SARS-CoV-2 – among with all bacteria, yeast, mold, other viruses, VOCs and odors.

The manufacturer of the light has years of experience in this industry , providing field-proven and scientifically proven disinfection technology to professional users such as hospital operating rooms and laboratories.

The Spectral Blue system is not something that has been quickly set up to profit from COVID-19. The pandemic has given rise to various companies making outlandish claims without any evidence. So always ask to see the scientific articles and the 3rd party test data.

How the Spectral Blue system works?

System overview

The Spectral Blue™ surface disinfection system consists of three parts:

1. Spectral Blue disinfection lighting eliminates pathogens from the air and from surfaces.

2. Control automation, that switches between regular lighting and disinfection mode automatically. The lighting is controlled by a time-adjustable motion sensor.

3. Photocatalytic coating. An invisible, antimicrobial and dirt-repellent surface coating, that improves the antimicrobial performance of the system. With the coating the Spectral Blue system can eliminate pathogens in already 15-30 minutes (up to 99% reduction). The coating is based on nanotechnology, and it is virtually invisible and therefore does not change the appearance of premises.

Antimicrobial effect of the Spectral Blue system
The ability of blue light to destroy microbes is based on its ability to energize naturally light-sensitive compounds inside the micro-organism, so that they start producing reactive oxygen radicals. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are molecules containing very reactive oxygen, causing the bacteria to damage and destroy internally.
The efficiency of blue light has enhanced by applying the Spectral Blue photocatalytic coating on a table surface. The coating utilizes a phenomenon known as photocatalysis: energy of blue light starts a chemical reaction on the surface, producing short-lived Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The ROS disintegrate all microbes, including viruses, on the surface.


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